Aillie Hardman - Proprietor

Brought in to add glamour to the shop. Intellectual, articulate, but can't spell. Spends a lot of the time telling Andrew where he's going wrong, after 32 years of running the shop. Partner to Andrew.

Just retired a career as a sky-diver, occasionally comes into work.

Owns a Monster 900, which she has done 25,000 miles on and a CRF230 off road bike, entered global Enduro Africa in 2007, 2008 and rode an Enfield around North india in 2010 (don't ask about the Rotang Pass!). Was a British Team 8 way Skydiving member (all ladies) who have been placed 4th in the World Championship  standings.

Previously owned bikes include an XV535 and a V75T Guzzi (no ones perfect), saved from the Runcorn, widnes area. Lives with Andrew in Abergele for the last 22 years - apparently needs a gold medal!