Andrew Wood - Proprietor

Started the business in 1981, at the tender age of 18.

Test rides new and serviced machines, overseeing the various departments, and developing systems to ensure safety and efficiency. Also walks 'security' Alsatians Elle & Sara (now 13 years old) in the morning before work.

Predominently oversees day to day dealing with Ducati since 1989 and Triumph since 1992. One of the original Triumph dealers from the start of the new Hinckley operation, lives in Abergele with Aillie, Elle & Sara.

Owns a Suzuki X7 (bought when he was 17), Katana 1000, a CRF 250, XR 200 and an ST4S. Partner to Aillie for the last 22 years, now turned 50 and feeling it!